Life & Possibility Coaching

Life Coaching is the most powerful way of unlocking your greatest potential. This is NOT a product, it’s a life experience. The shit disturbing and humor are free!

Transformation Package 3 – 40 sessions

Full Commitment – more aspirin, a large credit limit, take-out and a dog are recommended.

  • 40 sessions over one year – one call per week.
  • Unlimited projects in any area of life
  • Commit to the biggest year of change you will experience.
  • Create the massive lasting change.
  • Unravel the story which has created your current reality.
  • Improve all areas of life.
  • Experience dramatic change for you and those you love.
  • Find your voice, your purpose and your passion.
  • Leave the past behind. Embrace what the future holds.

This package combines both previous packages into a year long journey of discovery, creation, growth and understanding. This is for the individual who is 100% committed to creating a different life than the one they are currently living. The tools, insights, exercises and projects you take on will serve you in all areas of your life – for life.

This package is perfect for individuals with big, bold aspirations they have for themselves such as starting a new business; re-branding a current business; training for a triathlon; buying income property; getting married and having kids; kicking your adult kid out of the house; sailing around the world; kicking your adult kid out of the house.

Cost – $750.00/month


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