Life & Possibility Coaching

Life Coaching is the most powerful way of unlocking your greatest potential. This is NOT a product, it’s a life experience. The shit disturbing and humor are free!

Transformation Package 2 – 20 sessions

Breaking Barriers – band-aids, Robax, wine & chocolate are recommended.

  • 20 sessions over a minimum of 5 months – one call per week.
  • 5 transformational projects in any area of life.
  • I will hold you accountable to the actions you declare.
  • I will support and push you in your growth.
  • We will celebrate and acknowledge your wins.
  • We will distinguish your emotional guardians and name them.
  • We will unravel the story that holds you in place.
  • We will tap into your authentic and intuitive essence.

From this new place of understanding, you can shine your awareness spot-light on areas of your life which have been hiding in the dark for years – like that collection of purses that went out in the 80’s.

These hurdles, walls, blockages and stumbling blocks were unconsciously created to keep you firmly rooted in your comfort zone. These strategies are very predictable and keep you from achieving dreams and ideas which may lie outside of your comfort zone, which is where all possibility lives and from where you will create the change you desire in your life. This phase generates the insight and creates the actions which will drive the results you are looking for, regardless of the area of your life. Thoughts create feelings/emotions. Feeling/emotions create actions. Actions create results. Clear the space for forward thinking and you change your results forever. AND it might give you headache, BUT you will have aspirin left over from the Foundational Phase.

Cost – $750.00/month


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