Life & Possibility Coaching

Life Coaching is the most powerful way of unlocking your greatest potential. This is NOT a product, it’s a life experience. The shit disturbing and humor are free!

Transformation Package 1 – 12 sessions

Prepare for the Journey - Sunglasses, aspirin, Kleenex & chocolate are recommended.

  • 12 sessions over a minimum of 3 months – one call per week.
  • 3 transformation projects in any area of life.
  • Aligning your values with your inner and outer purpose.
  • Unravel your stories.
  • Tap into your authentic and intuitive essence.
  • Detaching from ego.
  • You will be held accountable to the actions you declare.
  • We will celebrate and acknowledge the success you create.
  • I will support and push you in your growth.

This phase sets the foundation for the critical work to come. Without a stable and defined coaching foundation, your projects, desires and dreams are sure to falter and wane with you eventually giving up under the pretense that coaching doesn’t work. Because coaching comes from a present-to-future context, it is vital to our relationship that we establish the distinction between being interested and being committed! If you are just interested, maybe phone your BFF and save yourself some money. ?

Shifting the way you see the world is the first step to seeing the potential the world has to offer. This is the foundation of this phase. As we work towards introducing you to the fears which hold you back and the potential for which all possibility lies, we also begin to build the projects you came into coaching to address – such as marrying Brad Pitt and buying a VW Van.

This step is unique with each client AND it’s essential. Without it, the outcome will look exactly the way it has always looked. Mediocre.

Cost – $750.00/month


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Transformation Package 2 – 20 sessions

Transformation Package 3 – 40 sessions