Life & Possibility Coaching

Life Coaching is the most powerful way of unlocking your greatest potential. This is NOT a product, it’s a life experience. The shit disturbing and humor are free!

You can expect one hour per week with Moi for a MINIMUM of 12 sessions. Each session will result in a series of time-sensitive actions you have identified which are to be completed prior to the next session.

Together, we will work on 'foreground' projects you identify, such as relationships, career, health, job etc. while, at the same time, working on 'background' beliefs you have created based on your life experiences. We work on having you shift your perspective, so the outcome matches the new beliefs you have identified. In other words – quit playing small and own your shit.

All sessions are done via phone, FaceTime, Skype or Zoom. Payment is made in full prior to the coaching relationship beginning.

The Foundational Phase

Transformation Package 1


Prepare for the Journey - Sunglasses, aspirin, Kleenex & chocolate are recommended.

Cost - $3000 + GST

The Creative Phase

Transformation Package 2


Breaking Barriers - Band-aids, Robax, Wine & chocolate are recommended.

Cost - $5000 + GST

The Big Kahuna

Transformation Package 3


Full Commitment - More aspirin, a large credit limit, take-out and a dog are recommended.

Cost - $7000 + GST