Corporate Speaking

Seminars, workshops, speaking engagements, comedy. Costumes, doughnuts, wine and AC/DC are optional up-sells.

I am available for seminars and guest speaking on a variety of topics related to the pursuit of success whether that be on a personal level or in a professional environment. There are a series of didactic steps individuals can take to generate the results they are looking for. Without the foundation of awareness and insight, the results will continue to be less than optimal or look the same as they have always looked.

In these high energy and fast moving sessions, each individual will work through various exercises in order to generate new insights which are firmly rooted in the unknown – which is where the field of possibility lies. These sessions can be up to 15 people in an Executive Transformation format or unlimited in terms of speaking engagements.

Please contact Mia for more details.

Recent Corporate Work

  • Team Building and Work Culture with the staff of the Immigration Welcome Center.
  • Vision and Action Plan work with City Media.
  • Panelist at World Fitness Conference on Self-sabotage strategies.
  • Presenter at World Fitness Conference 2016 & 2018.
  • Driving Change Within the Industry
  • Avoiding Burn-out
  • Your Leadership Style Reflects Your Team’s Success
  • The Calm before the Client
  • Self-sabotage Patterns
  • Leadership Retreat on Mental Health with North Island College
  • Committee for the National Conference on 'Women Who Influence'
  • Grad Transition at Kwalikum Sr. Secondary School
Mia Leadership Retreat North Island College
Mia Leadership Retreat North Island College
Mia Jerritt Corporate Speaking
Mia Leadership Retreat North Island College

"Mia did an incredible job leading our retreat on mental well-being. Seriously, we knew she was going to be fantastic, but wow! Our group may have started as strangers, but Mia brought us together to find our voices and begin a journey of powerful change. She created space for conversations, collaboration and creativity. The energy she sparked in us continues to grow as we move back into our daily lives and bring that capacity for powerful change with us."


R. Birch

North Island College Student Leadership Team

Mia is a visionary, a pioneer, a change maker and a community leader. She is loved and respected by many. She is compassionate, powerful, driven, inspiring and powerful.

I had the privilege of being Mia's Coach for 6 months. Her commitment to consistent and never-ending improvement in her own leadership and humanity is impeccable. Mia has a huge heart that can contain the world.

She stands for all to live a life that is filled with compassion and power of choice, especially for young girls who often face harsh and hurtful judgements both externally and internally.
I believe our world is a better place because of people like Mia.