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Wisdom is knowledge applied.


If shame and guilt had a form and a color what would it be? Shame would be an ugly bruise you try to cover up, but no matter how hard you try, it always peeks out and never fades. Guilt would be the dark blue at the centre of the bruise. The part that hurts […]


We all have different ways (context) in which we view the world. And, the context by which we view the world is created through our experiences in life to date. Each context generates predictable strategies for navigating the world and those strategies have fairly reliable outcomes. A few very common contexts I see in my […]

Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome or fraud syndrome is becoming more and more common in women with affected self-esteem and high expectations of self.   It describes an experience someone creates for themselves where they feel like an impostor or fraud because they THINK they have conned people into believing something about them. For example, they may think […]


We can all embrace, or blame, who we are today because of enculturation. As we grow, we adapt to our surroundings and learn from it, and then behave and act accordingly. Who we are today has so much to do with all of our mentors, peers and lessons in life to date. “The process by […]

Emotional Mustard.

What does mustard have to do with relationships Mia?! Well….thank-you for asking!   Every relationship has a flavour or an energy 💥 to it. And, just like mustard that energy, or flavour, can enhance or detract from the experience. Let’s take French’s mustard as an example.   What do we know about French’s mustard 🥪 […]

Living in the GREY zone.

I’ve had several conversations recently which capture the concept of living in the ‘GREY‘ zone. I also like to call it the ‘6 analogy’.   This is when a person, knowingly or unknowingly, avoids all the amazing colours, and shades of colours, as they travel through life. Preferring instead to stay in the confines of […]

Crippled by over-thinking?

One of the devious client-patterns I encounter on a regular basis is the rabbit hole of over-thinking. It can be so powerful it causes analysis paralysis, insomnia and needless anxiety.   The ‘what-if-theory’ causes individuals to talk themselves into, or out of, a goal, plan, or action which may, or may not be, valuable. It […]

YOU are not cancelled.

Change is not cancelled. Your health is not cancelled. Your relationships are not cancelled. Mother Earth hasn’t given up. Personal growth has not stopped. Creation is not cancelled. Life hasn’t stopped. Collaboration isn’t cancelled. The Future isn’t cancelled. YOU ARE NOT CANCELLED!     What are you doing with all of this time? There may […]

A letter from Mother Earth.

Are you listening? And can you hear. Do you see me. Are you near. What are you saying. Why can’t we hear. The balance of life is simply so clear.   We’ve lost our way. And chosen to stray. To a dangerous place full of nothing but grey. A life without love. A life without […]