Consequences are the result of your choices. Every choice has a positive or a negative impact on you and how you experience any given situation. When we choose to re-act from a place of fear or anger, our result is typically one with an uncomfortable or negative impact. When we choose to act and respond … Read More


Choice is the decision one makes based on a responsible awareness of what truly is. In other words, based on the facts and not interpretations, what is the best choice I can make in this moment being fully aware of the consequences of that decision. Consequences include both ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ outcomes. There is no … Read More


Judgement is the conversation we have with ourselves about what is so. Sometimes our judgement seem so accurate, they become our reality. And worse, there are times in life when we believe the judgement others have about us are real. One of the inherent flaws of the human brain is our ability to create stories in our minds … Read More


The full impact of compassion can never be underestimated and, if we all chose to be MORE compassionate, the world could change forever. Compassion is the energy and intention we bring to any situation, person or relationship. It is the kindness, patience, warmth and wisdom we provide, without any expectations. Not to be confused with … Read More


Integrity is the line in the sand where you stand for what is right, rather than what is convenient, in that moment. Aligning the thoughts you think, with the words you speak and the actions you take. Integrity takes a tremendous amount of awareness, along with wisdom and compassion, for both yourself and others. Without … Read More