About Mia Jerritt

The Fun Coach - She is 80% Do and 20% Woo. Unless you need her to be more Woo than Do, then she can make that happen too!

Mia brings 30 years of insight and wisdom to the world of coaching. Her background in health and fitness, and her skills as a successful business owner, allow her to speak from a place of knowledge and experience. She is an author, a long time Medical Exercise Specialist and Personal Trainer, an Adaptive Holistic Nutritionist, a philanthropist, a National Presenter and most importantly, a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister and a really great friend. Her dedicated and disciplined approach to everything she puts her hand to have resulted in both personal and professional success. Mia brings boundless energy, enthusiasm and honesty, as well as sincerity, humility and compassion to every client's journey.

Clients are attracted to Mia’s style of coaching because she has proven she repeatedly creates successful initiatives for herself, her community and her clients. She constantly demonstrates integrity, flexibility, consistency and fearlessness. She is firmly rooted in the concepts of change, re-invention, creation and PEACE. Clients who seek her out have the means to create this type of life too but may be missing the skills, tools, insight or elevation to create what it is they want.

  • Detach from Ego
  • Tap into your Greatness
  • Distinguish your purpose
  • Change your future
Coaches Enhanced Skills Practitioner
mia Jerritt Life Coach

“As your Coach, my job is to create space for you to discover new pathways that lead to powerful and lasting change. I am here to serve as your mentor, motivator, bull-shit meter, accountability partner, sounding board, inspiration, and cheerleader. I will push you to grow and change even when you feel like giving up. My job as your Coach is to listen to what you’re not saying and to ask questions that you have not been asked before. It’s in this clear, open space that you will generate your greatest insights, and from this new place of clarity, create the actions required to move you towards the goals you have set for yourself. I am not selling you a product – I am selling you a lasting experience.”

You are ready to move mountains if:

  • You are willing to let go of the past in order to move towards your future life.
  • You are ready to let go of the judgment that holds you where you are.
  • You are looking for a new relationship with self and others.
  • You have a life project.
  • You are open to going deep

She will be your greatest champion as she pushes you to challenge your comfort zone which ultimately will change the way you live your life, both personally and professionally. Although Mia takes Coaching VERY seriously, she doesn’t take life or herself too seriously, so be prepared to laugh while you cry.

My Mission Statement

My goal as your coach is to generate insightful conversation which creates space for you to identify possibilities you never dreamed imaginable. Together, we will explore the subjective hurdles which keep you stuck in your current reality while at the same time, design high-value actions which move you toward the unimaginable future you have identified at the start of our coaching relationship.

“I am a clearing for magic and miracles.” ~ Life coach, Tex Johnston