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A powerful form of coaching

Fear is an emotion which resides entirely in our minds. And, excitement lives on the other end of that continuum. Fear is grounded in the unknown or what you think based on your beliefs. Excitement is fear that is manageable and predictable. In our coaching conversations I respectfully invite you to explore those fears in a safe and challenging environment, so you can understand where those beliefs and ideas came from and how they keep you wading in a pile of stinky judgment. Once you are able to crawl out of the mental muck you have created, you can explore the dreams and aspirations you desire. It’s in those hidden spaces in your mind the clear path to your destination resides and it is in those spaces that true growth and lasting change reside.

With this awareness comes the opportunity to see all aspects of your life through an entirely different filter; one which allows for limitless possibilities and options you never dreamed possible.

Thank you Mia

She is a true vessel of inspiration, healing, hope, love and creativity. I am forever grateful for her guidance.


She was the catalyst that ignited a transformation in body and in spirit and for this, I will forever be thankful.


Her genuine approach in helping others to ignite their passion is incredible! I’m so excited to be on this journey of self-discovery and I highly recommend her as your life coach.

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I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you Mia!

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Ontological Coaching

As human beings we focus on the 'doing' in order to complete projects, reach goals and generate action plans. We do this to survive as well as to 'feel' many different emotions such as success, value, pride and busyness. With ontological coaching we focus on the 'human being' first and the 'human doing' second. When we shift our focus to one of awareness of why we do what we do it changes the way we view all aspects of life. Without an ontological shift the context that we see the world through stays the same and typically so do the results.

True Essence

A human being's Essence is a place to come from when we are doing everything in life. In other words, if someone believes their Essence is fat, ugly, negative, mean, angry, afraid, jealous etc. the actions and results they generate will reflect those characteristics. But, if someone's 'true' Essence is one of kindness, love, joy, peace, humor etc. then the actions and results they generate will reflect those characteristics. With ontological coaching we work to discover each client's 'true' Essence in order to shift the way they look at all areas of their life.